URLs excluding the recordID somehow?

For SEO and social sharing purposes, it would be great to have shorter dynamic URLs. Ideally, I’d like
to ALSO work when entering
website.com/item1” (or, less ideally: “website.com/items/item1”)

… Is this something you’re planning? I’m actually considering manually adding server redirects to all listing URLs on my site in this format. Is that a bad idea?

Hello @niclasj,

Please note that you can define custom SEO parameters for each List item page within the Airtable base. And you can add shorter slugs :slight_smile:

Check this doc > List Details - Softr Docs


Thanks, I’ve tried this and it gives me “website.com/items/SLUG/r/recordID”. So no, using the SEO:Slug field doesn’t remove the recordID from the URL. Looks like I might have to use these long urls, might add redirects for the most important pages.

Yes, currently record ID cannot be removed from the URL for now, this is how it works.

Perhaps, you can use the redirect feature to make a pretty URL for a single page, but not for all the records.

Yes, I understand this. My suggestion in the first post was for Softr to auto-generate a “short URL” version for ALL dynamic pages and redirect that to the long URL. Hope this can be considered.

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Got it, sorry for misunderstanding @niclasj :slight_smile:

I will add this feature request surely :slight_smile:

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