Upvote Feature Not Working

Hello, I am having issues with the upvote feature on my site (issuetracker.softr.app). When a new issue is created, the first upvote changes the value from 0 to 2. After that, the vote is frozen and it is difficult to change any of the values. Upon republishing the app, it works inconsistently, and you can never upvote an issue such that its rank surpasses that of another issue. I would appreciate any guidance.

Hey @tsathe,

Can I please ask you to mention your website URL?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Suzie,

Apologies for not including. Here it is. https://issuetracker.softr.app/

Thanks so much!

@tsathe I would suggest to have a default vote of 1 if possible when starting. Single user can vote only once per item. I just checked few of the items and did not see any issues.

Also when you upvote the list is not dynamically auto-sorting but will be upon next refresh/visit

That totally makes sense! Get’s it’s a feature not a bug. Is there any way to get dynamic adjustment?



I also thought it would be cool to dynamically reshuffle based on the votes! Will ask the team to put this as a feature request!