Upload, view and manage digital files

Hello all
Thanks for the help and support

I have subscribers and we provide them with digital files (PowerPoint, Excel, photos, video and Excel)
And we provide it to them on a weekly basis for a year
Every week we provide 3-5 folders and each folder contains 10 different files

The client only shows him the files that he subscribed to, and we have about 12 types of subscriptions

We are currently having a problem viewing files from Google Drive or Doorbox. We would like the file to be displayed only without root to the client on the Softer site. What is the method or tools? If there is an explanation on YouTube, please help us.
Thank you very much

Hi @neot, the thing is that we have Google Sheets and Airtable as data sources where you can keep all your files and link them to your app.

In your case, you can store the Google Drive links in Google Sheets and use them in your app. You will learn more about how to do it here: Google Sheets – Softr Help Docs