Updating multiple records in multiple tables invoked through a form button in Softr


I have a scenario where I have a table block that has multiple line items from a table pertaining to the logged in user. Imagine something like a cart in an ecommerce site, this page is similar to my-cart page.

What I intend to do is, I need to update the status of all items in the cart, and also the status of the original item when I click a button. In order to achieve this, I added a customizable form below the table block, removed all the fields that come by default, removed padding so that all that remains is a Submit button.

The only way I see to do this is through Zapier or Make webhook. I started with a Zapier webhook as the trigger step, then added a Find Records from Airtable as the second. But I’m not sure how to pass on all records from my cart. The approach I took was to add a hidden field where I pass in the logged in user’s email so that I can add a search formula in my Zap. Not sure why, I don’t see the passed email in my zap. Kind of stuck there.

When i try to use Make, I get a “Access denied CSRF user-agent check failed while requesting /trace” the moment I click on Create a Scenario. Raised a ticket with Make on the same.

Has anyone tried to update multiple records through a single click in Softr? Thanks in advance.

Hi @prettycold, have you tried using an Airtable automations or even a formula column?

I’ve used a one-click action button before to change an Airtable value to “something”. And then created an Airtable automation to do several steps based on a trigger that’s watching that initial cell change.

So when Qty = 0 for an item in your cart, run an automation to remove item (Airtable recordID) from the current cart table, etc.

This post may help.

Hi @nocodeking ,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I did think of one click update, since it was in a table block, the update was at a record level and not for all records. Which is why I came to the common form button. I started with Airtable automation, instead of updating a column in a table I was thinking of webhooks route and then invoking a series of steps to update multiple records.

Was just wondering whether there is any other common way of updating multiple records in a Softr + Airtable combo.

Sharing the method I used, just in case it helps someone. I ended up using Make. Here are the steps I followed: Created a custom webhook, then do a search records, followed by adding a router, one route that has an iterator to iterate each record and then update the corresponding table for each record. Another route has an aggregator to update a single row in another table followed by sending emails.

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Would be great to tick multiple record and then use action button on softr

Do we have such an option? Action button will be for one record, is it not?