Update record after stripe payment / checkout

Hey All,

Here’s the situation I’m trying to acheive:

  1. the users fill out a form, which creates a record in airtable. (wich checkbox ‘payment complete’ unchecked)
  2. users pays the corresponding amount via Stripe
  3. After payment is complete, find the record in airtable and check the checkbox ‘payment complete’.

I’ve created the form for step one. But I don’t know how to connect the stipe payment to the record. For example, is there a way to pass metadata (recordid) to stripe or something? That way, I could use Zapier to update the record in Airtable.


Ok. I’m a bit further, but not completely there yet.

So let me rephrase my question: Is there a way to pass the Record ID to stripe checkout?

Hi edwinvdg, any progress on this issue? I am interested in implementing something similar so any advice you have or resources you can point me to would be much appreciated.

Hi @siyu , nope. Did not find a fitting solution, so I had to create a workaround. And that workaround is as follows:

  • Someone needs to fill out a form (with email address) which goes into a record in airtable
  • pay in stripe (hopefully with same email address)
  • Using Zapier, I check whether the email address matches. Then I update that record.
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Thanks for sharing the workaround you figured! What site is this? Is there a live version I can check out? I wonder what it’s like as far as user experience goes. Thanks either way!

Hi @siyu. The site is in dutch, but here it is: https://niet-niks.nl. And the specific experience, you can find here: https://www.niet-niks.nl/kist-detail?recordId=recpkQX9g6ofAZwod

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