Update block with delay after button click (open URL button, not one-click update)

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I have a list block with button. The button opens a URL to open a Fillout form to capture a signature and update the SmartSuite record. I’m trying to find a way to refresh the list block after the button click (with a delay). Is this possible, or may there be another way to accomplish similar?

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Yes, this can be done using custom code!

I’m going to tag a few experts that may be able to help if they have a minute @acjnas @matthieu_chateau

You can also review https://www.unlock-softr.com/ to see if there are any available code snippets for you to use for this!

I remember trying every possible way to accomplish what you describe.

You will have to listen for events in fillout and try to pass that info to softr.
The main challenge here, is that your form will be hosted in a different domain,
and CORS policy will get on the way when communicating events between 2 different domains using javascript.

There is small door, if you happen to have enabled the option to add javascript to your fillout forms.

But it does require time to debug.

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