Update a checkbox in an airtable record through Softr

Hello everyone, I have multiple records (= clients) in my Airtable base. Through one click I would like to send them an email with a (unique) link (made in softr) so they can consent to our Ts&Cs and submit. Based on that, I want to record in Airtable to be updated (meaning their checkbox asking for consent to be clicked).
Besides the last part (update the same record in Airtable meaning checking the box), everything works. Any ideas?


PS: I don’t want to create a new record but update the existing one.

could you be more precise ?

by the way, a webhook in Integromat seems to be the solution to your problem

thanks @lea.
The link is a normally generated link (url.com/client/recordID…).

To frame it in other words: I need a checkbox on the website that will also update its corresponding airtable record.

@Michael What if you set up the List block with a conditional filter on the page and let the users edit it. Thus the corresponding checkbox record in Airtable will be updated and not created.

Alternatively, as Iea mentioned, you can use the Make or Zapier so that once the checkbox is marked the corresponding Airtable record gets updated.

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Thanks a lot for the input.
I now used a workaround that pushes the input from softr into a new airtable base and updates the corresponding one in the “core” base (via airtable automations).
However, I am not sure if this is the most elegant solution but I have not found a great way to update airtable records in your frontend (meaning through softr) without the editing button (meaning pushing input directly into the core data base in airtable). Input is highly apprecaited!

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I am dying over here trying to find a way for clients to approve a design file via softr or airtable. What is the best way to automatically notify a client that we received their design file and need their approval?