Unique button links for vertical cards

Hi All,

I am using a list block with vertical cards to display a catalogue of products for my store.
On each card I have a different photo that is pulled from Airtable that represents a product category.
Below the picture I have a button that says ‘View Product Category’ and I can link it to another list block of products of only that type.
Problem is, and this is maybe due to my lack of knowledge, that I can only seem to link it to one other page.
I cannot seem to understand if it is possible to link each photo’s button to a unique/different page, hope my explanation makes sense?
I’d be grateful if anyone can tell me if it is possible and how to do it or if it is not the way to do it then what approach should I take?
Many thanks in advance for any tips, advice, solutions and insight :slight_smile:
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If think I can help you with a quick fix.

You need to create a page for each category on Softr and define a specific URL.


  1. Database > Tables setup
    On your Airtable base, create 2 tables, one for all your products and one for each product’s category.

  2. External URL field
    On the category table, create a URL field (you can call it External URL) and paste the specific URL for each one (the pages on Softr you just created).
    You don’t need to copy the entire URL, just the URI, not the domain.
    Basically, the URL you created on the Softr’ page.

For instance:


Just paste:


  1. Link to another record
    Then link all products to their specific type (the link between those 2 tables) and add as a Lookup field the External URL field.

Now select your List block and add a button.
On action, select “Open external URL” and assign the “External URL” field.
Publish and test!

Et voilà, it should work!

Now if you create other categories or change the URL path, you just need to change it on the category table.

Hope this is clear to you now, happy to help in any case.

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Thanks for your help @Julien!

@dmp23 did it work out ?

Hi Guys . . . @Julien @artur
Sorry I have been a little busy / distracted over Easter.
I definitely try and get to this soon as I would / need to get this resolved asap.
Thanks very much for the effort and taking the time to reply.
I may well come back with a few other questions for sure.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
David :slight_smile:

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