Understanding Table Relationships in Softr

Hello I’m analyzing softr for a project and looking to understand the use of the Softr generated Record ID. A bit of context:

In a standard relational table database the record id is the key value for each record. In the example of a customer order once an order header is created the unique key id is generated and maintained with the order header record (parent) and when you add products to the order (order items) you’re able to reference the parent key id in the order items table to link the two tables. The List Block/Details scenario works great to access the Order Header info but I’m now looking to add the items.

In my test case, I have an Events header (parent) now looking to add the ticket details (children) and use conditional filters to link the two tables. I only have 2 options to select: Events & Logged in User’s. When I select Events, I can access all fields except the unique key Softr Record Id from the Events table (parent) - the field I need for the connection.

Are we not able to access the unique softr record id provided for the tables? If no how do we create our own Unique ID for each record?