Unable to log in through user created in Make

Hi, we have a simple automation within Make to create a user and we assign them a password, which is required through Softr/Make’s scenarios. I created my user and had no errors, but I cannot login through the login page. What is the cause of this and how can it be remedied for our users to use the portal?
user in softr
softr make execution

softr error

This is a business critical bug and issue and I’m not sure of how to best get the attention of someone to assist me. @artur @Mariam @Suzie - any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have opened a support ticket.

@mscroggin, for those critical issues, please use the live chat directly in the studio. Are you already in contact?

Also, feel free to create a test user for me artur[at]softr.io and share so I can help with troubleshooting.

@mscroggin I learned you talk to our support folks and this is addressed in your end

Thank you, the issue is fixed, I do apologize! The error message it was showing was confusing because it kept saying my user’s email didn’t exist/was invalid when that wasn’t the case. Thank you for your swift replies - we were very concerned about our users’ ability to log in. Thanks!

Happy to hear it. The reason we show generic message is due to security reasons, as we don’t want to expose that the user exists and the pass is wrong.