"Unable to fetch datasource base tables by given parameters" errors

Been getting these errors since yesterday. They happen whenever I click on an element that’s synced to Airtable. I haven’t changed anything in Airtable that should be causing the errors to appear, as I’m only using one base in Softr.

2023-04-12 18_58_03

Hey @Zeke,

Since you have mentioned you have done changes in Airtable, I think you should firstly edit the Users connection.

Please navigate to Users tab > edit connection > and connect the table and fields again.

Save the changes and publish the app, please.

Hey Suzie! It turns out I’m an idiot, and I hadn’t tried removing the Airtable connection and resetting it. That fixed it, which I did before testing your method, but I’ll keep that in mind in case the issue happens again.

Thank you for your response and apologies for wasting your time! I’m so sorry!

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