Unable to access Softr Studio?

Hi - we cannot access Softr Studio at all to even open chat box/support? When will this be resolved?

Hi @mscroggin what happens exactly when you are trying to log in? is it showing some blank page after logging you in or just nothing happens when you click on sign in?

Hi @mscroggin pls share some details so we can help to troubleshoot

I am also experiancing the same issues… loged in under several useres even use a magic tocken to open it and nothing but a white screen? HELP. It was working fine 24/48 hours ago… WHat should I be looking for when this occurs??

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It appears my airtable connect has been lost…WHY ? I havent touched it in weeks as it was fine. What updates have been going through that would knock this out???

Hi @Laura.caruso could you please, send one of these magic links in DM so that we could investigate? or you can contact us at support@softr.io directly

All good worked out that the API key was connect to an employee who no longer works in the bussines, and that why blocks and site were not working correctly. Thank you for offering to help.

Glad to know. Always welcome to reach us :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having the same issue, none of my forms are working and have been trying to get through to chat for 6 hours. I have emailed support@softr.io and hope to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Hi @Cazza apologies for late response. As I checked my colleague assisted you with this issue already.