Un-Select button

when using select button. it is creating recod. but if again we press it is go oooonnnn creating multiple records in the junction.
how to control?
is there any option - only once working???

Hey @shekharbellam,

Can you please give some more details, which block are you referring to?

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 16.52.29

I’m reopening this with a little more detail for my case.

I have projects which users can apply for and they can only apply once. I would like to show something like “Applied” once they have done this, and also not allow them to apply again.

Is there any way of doing this? The button is in a list as shown in the picture.

Hey @erikm3103,

I guess this use could should be possible when we release Action Buttons options.

If everything goes as planned it should be available within the coming 2-3 weeks.