Two-way user sync

@artur I discovered something the other night that is relevant here.

Given that I could not pass custom parameters through Softr’s create user API, I had hoped that I could add a row to my user table with the custom columns, and then call the create user API with the same email and Softr would be smart enough to not use the existing row in the user table.

In practice I found this worked about half the time; it wasn’t clear why, but I wrote it off as some issue on Softrs end.

Turns out, Softr casts all the emails to lowercase. If the row I add to the database has uppercase characters in the email, Softr does not pick it up as a match. As long as they are all lowercase it appears to match the records correctly.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Sorry to wade into an existing thread… thank you for accommodating me :pray:

I have a similar need to Jonathan. I use a single AirTable user table for multiple Softr apps. Deleting users has been a fun challenge, given all the syncing, so I’ve written a script which calls Softr API to delete the user in the all the User tables, then deletes the row in AirTable.

Can you help me with 2 other parts?

  1. When I add users to AirTable, I’d like to call the Sync on all User tables on all apps automatically (one by one is fine), but I can’t find the API call to do this. What is the js code to call please?

  2. My User tables in Softr are clogged up. Instead of just creating User Groups to filter access, my feature request is to create a conditional filter on the User table connection, to only bring in users which meet certain conditions, e.g. certain fields checked in AirTable.

I appreciate any help with these!


Hey @NikW ,
Ad.1 We’re in the works of a periodic Airtable > Softr sync, so you don’t have to visit user tables in Softr for new users to show up in Softr.
Ad. 2 We’ve started working on filtered user sync, but can’t offer you any ETA yet


Thanks @jakub, I appreciate this.



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I’m so excited to let you know about this one:

Real-time user sync with Airtable & SmartSuite is now live
If your app’s user table syncs with Airtable or SmartSuite, any new user added to your source table will now get synced to Softr immediately.

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This is fantastic news !

Thank you guys.

Also wanted to ask about the progress of syncing users by view.

Great news. Sync users by condition will be awesome! Any plans to have it sync email changes in backend without adding a new user and having to delete old one (like it is now).

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@acjnas Filtered user sync - we’d love to have it still this quarter. This will be more syncing by field conditions rather than specific data source views (but views are based on field conditions anyway)

@Nick Email updates - we are now working on allowing users to change their emails using a user profile block. In the future, the other way around – reflect emall changes made in data source nicely. Which case is yours?


Sounds great. I actually would utilize both use cases. Thanks!

I would also love to have both use cases. The first one is a great starting point so that users can change their mail as they switch jobs.

Following up on filtered user sync, you can help us out here → Filtered user sync: sneak peek & rate our new designs!