Trying to allow users to download an mp4 file

I have a dynamic list set up linking to an airtable base. The purpose is to allow my users to download social media posts which I’ve designed for them. They can download the .png files easily, but when I place an .mp4 file for a reel in the “attachment” column, and then go to Softr, it won’t open the mp4 for download. Or allow them to download it at all. Does anyone know why?

Hi @Carrie, can you please let me know which field setting do you use in Softr? Also, please publish the app and send the URL of your app to check it.

Hi, The app is published, but it is password protected for members.
I’m using the “download” field. The type is “file” and the Content links to the field in Airtable where all the other files are in this base. The other files are .PNG This is the only mp4 so far.

I was able to change it to a .mov and they can download it, but they can’t view it first, which is not helpful.

I wouldn’t mind if my posts linked to a url and they could directly download the images/video reels. But I can’t figure out how to link to individual records, without linking to the entire Airtable.

I got some help that fixed all the issues I was having. Feeling so grateful and accomplished!

Thank you!


Dear @Carrie, thank you too for contacting us through Support! Enjoy the app :heart: