Trigger Webhook native new action in Softr

Hi there,

I saw that recently the native option for triggering webhook from action buttons (List block or list details block) is available (according to the docs.softr), but I don’t see this option to set up in my apps yet. Why this is so?
Where I can find this menu option in my app settings?


I’m referring to this functionality:

These are button actions.
First create a button, then assign a webhook as a button action :

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Ok, but on the next step after I add a action button I don’t have an option for triggering webhook. Where is this option on the button? Item on click or where?

Indeed it is not explained fully and correctly in the docs. Please give us more details from where option “trigger webhook” is available for use.


Did you check at the bottom right whether you had updated the block to include the new features?

Thanks! I updated the block couple of times but still don’t see such option for button actions…

I’m on Basic plan if this make any difference (No information about this on Documentations regarding this option).

Anyone from Softr to help here?

Thank you

I also dont have this option yet in my account

Hi @m.atanasov unfortunately this is only available for business plans and above at the moment.

Folks, the inclusion of this action in the $300/month plan feels exceptionally misguided.

That’s all, that’s the comment.


Couldn’t agree more. This is really disappointing…

Hi @d1coach & @SdogEinnarg, thanks for your feedback!

We’re constantly adding new features, and we don’t always get feature packaging right — so we’ll definitely take this into consideration.

Even though we’re a VC-backed startup that also needs revenue growth to continue scaling new features, we know how important it is to align it with value to our customers, including smaller businesses. So rest assured your voice is heard.

Would you mind also sharing what use case you plan on using webhooks for?

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@austinyang My site is essentially a gallery of artworks, so to have my users be able to favourite / shortlist these artworks, I use a hacky method which includes form submissions, acting like buttons, to initiate webhooks through Airtable automations. I’d have to refresh my memory on how I set it all up exactly - all I know for the time being is that it works.

Before attempting to simplify / streamline / build upon my current set up, I’ve been waiting for such features as native webhooks, clearing existing values using one-click update etc. I don’t want to go disrupting my current set up until I’m confident the new features will be effective / are available.

The more native to Softr functions are, the more exciting it will be to experiment. Otherwise, I’m reticent to implement any more convoluted solutions.

Since signing up to Softr three years ago, I’ve always anxiously hoped for development on action buttons. So as you can imagine, this decision is a real disappointment from my perceptive. It’s not that I can’t function without it, it’s just sad to miss out on the excitement of experimenting with it. There’s certainly no chance it will convince me to upgrade my plan either, as it’s essentially a convenience rather than an enterprising feature. A convenience I would expect baked in for all Softr users.

To counter sounding too whingy, I do really appreciate the service your team provide and I do believe you’re all trying your best for your users.

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This also applies to the Softr experts who build and help clients build projects.

I am constantly building and helping clients build projects that would be very applicable to this feature, but with this it feels like I need to pay more to help my clients more.

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Extreme disappointing!!

Webhooks is a feature that should be active since the beginning since you guys have Make and Zapier triggers and the only thing to make it work would be to remove the Make and Zapier url check.

I am paying 10 USD on my make plan. To pay $290 USD more just for a webhook feature is insane.

Also you guys removed the REST API feature on your roadmap.

I think I am going to move back to Flutterflow

@elementttt @colefortman @SdogEinnarg - We hear you! We’re working through some stuff internally, including our potential REST API feature set. Don’t loose hope! We’re here and listening.

:bangbang: UPDATE :bangbang:

This feature is now available on the Professional Plan! We will also be referring to it as “Call API”.

As always, thank you for voicing your feedback! It’s participation like this from our community that helps us make a great product for you all!

@m.atanasov @yannick @colefortman @d1coach @SdogEinnarg @elementttt


Ok, but in the website it’s saying that will be available as part of all plans (soon). Free, Basic, etc.

I’m on Basic right now.

Any ETA?

Hi @elementttt thanks for pointing this out. I can see where the potential confusion may be coming from now.

Unfortunately triggering the “Call API” will not be available on the basic plan, and is only available on the professional plan or above.

We’ll work to make that less confusing on our pricing page.