Trigger Action from List Item Action Button (Working Solution but the UX is terrible)

Greetings everyone,

I am currently facing a specific scenario in Integromat that involves working with a list of items. Each item in the list has a field called “webhook URL,” which represents the URL of the webhook along with the record ID as a URL parameter. My objective is to enable a button for each item in the list-block, rather than the list details block, allowing users to trigger the webhook with a single click.

Currently, my workaround involves using a “one-click update” to set a field called “triggerWorkflow” in Airtable to “true.” When this field is set to “true,” it triggers an Airtable workflow that utilizes a script to call the webhook.

Although this solution works from a technical standpoint, the user experience is far from optimal. I would like to highlight the following issues:

  1. After clicking the button, the status of the list item does not change, requiring a page refresh to reflect the action.
  2. When multiple users click the action simultaneously, a race condition can occur.
  3. The notification for a successful operation is returned only after the Airtable value is changed. This can give a false impression that the operation was successful, even if it was not.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or insights on how to address these usability challenges. Thank you all for your time and assistance.

@Avasdream, if I get it right, you need a proper Action for executing the webhook directly from the Softr app. This is planned, and we will enable in Q3 this year. I have a few ideas on how this could be done currently, but to be fair, they are all similar to what you have in place already and don’t have any advantage…

Thank you for your response and suggestions. I appreciate your understanding of my situation. It’s great to hear that a direct Action for executing the webhook from the Softr app is planned for Q3 this year. That would definitely improve the user experience and address the challenges I mentioned.

In the meantime, this video may help someone also having this issue: Level Up Your Softr No-Code App Build With Action Buttons | Tutorial 2022 - YouTube