Tried integrating Mailerlite for newsletter signup after following the steps, but didn't work


I have used the ‘CTA with email capture’ block for newsletter signups. I wanted to integrate Mailerlite, so I followed the steps as provided in the documentation. Embedded the Mailerlite Action URL but when I tried testing it, it just wouldn’t work. I switched the action button from Mailerlite to an email id, tried again and I was able to submit the entry.

I deleted the block and recreated it on other pages and also recreated the Mailerlite form but nothing helped.

I just can’t figure out what’s the problem. What am I doing wrong? Can someone help please?

Attaching the error image here for reference.

I just tested this out and I was able to make it send me an opt-in email. This is the “double-opt-in” approach that is mentioned in the docs.

Can you post the action URL that you are using? It should look something like this:

Hi David,

This is the action URL I am using -

I am trying to do one without the ‘double opt-in’. Tried re-generating the action URL multiple times but faced the same issue everytime.

OK, I just tried it with double-opt-in turned off. What I saw was that when I completed the signup form on the page in my Softr site, my email address was immediately added to the group associated with the form.

What I did not see was a confirmation email or anything like that.

So now I’m wondering what you are seeing and in what ways it differs from what you expect. Maybe you could post a screen recording of what you’re seeing and where it appears to be going wrong?

P.S. I can’t tell from the attached screenshot above what the error is. I just see a red box around the input field.