Translate sign up form

Hello, I have created a sign up form and translated the texts, however I don’t see the option to translate the “I have agree to the {terms} & {privacy policy}” and the “or” between the sign up and sign in button>

How could I translate them? I’m on the free plan.

Here’s a screenshot of the form

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Here is an example in French:

<!-- Signup -->
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { 
    $('.terms span').eq(1).text('J’ai lu et j’accepte');
    $('.terms span').eq(2).text('ou');
    $('.terms span').css('font-size','13px');
    $('.terms a').css('font-size','13px');
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Yeah I can’t use that, custom scripts are only on the paid plans. I said I use the free one.

Here is my outcome using that code:

The styles and checkbox are broken


@acjnas share the link without the code I will check and suggest alternative might be the code needs tweaks

Thank you Arthur for considering updating the current snippet.

Here is the link I was trying the code (without the code as requested.)

@acjnas changed the original here can you pls check ?

Nice ! it is working as expected. Many many thanx


I just want to add something that might be important:

If you have more than one signup block, the code will only work on the block you have listed first on your softr app. So try to place these blocks accordingly for the code to work.

I will edit to make it block specific


@acjnas you would simply add #blockname to each selector like shown below



Awesome. I will try it!


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thanks a lot for that codes @artur
Do you know if there’s a way to ad a 3rd link to that text?

Like: I accept “link to page1”, “link to page2” and “link to page3” ?

That would be awesome.
Thanks a lot in advance