Tracking Signup sources from paid ads (meta & google)

Hi everyone,

Use case:

  • I have a page
  • I drive trafic to the page using meta and google ads as well as organic content
  • I want to track, which portion of my signups on Journeyman Registrierung comes from meta, which one from google ads (and other sources)

How would I go about that? I have tried using utm tags but the thing is, I always direct my trafic to the homepage (or another landing page) and only thereafter to the signup page. The UTM Parameter then disappears.

Any ideas?

Hi @SaSchn ,

I know in the past I have used Google Tag Manager. I’m not sure if it’s supported to this in Softr, but if it is, you would be able to track someone that clicks on an google ads and which one of them signs up:)

I added a quick article here: How to Pass UTM Parameters between Pages (Capture Valuable Data)

I think utm params and google analytics should get this addressed automatically ?