Track Softr pages with missing content due to changes in Airtable

Hello all! I was wondering if Softr (or the community) has any feature that would allow me to see all the pages affected by changes in my Airtable bases that result in Softr losing content (for example, renaming a field in Airtable results in Softr losing the content and all Softr pages with reference to that field need to be manually updated to reflect the updated filed name). This is a manual process I currently do that I worry will become too cumbersome in the future as my site grows because I have to remember each page & block that the affected field shows up all across my site (and sometimes I don’t catch them all, resulting in broken content).

I was thinking there might be a way to track this because Softr gives a warning message once you actually click on the affected block that says “[field name] can no longer be found. It may have been renamed or removed from your data source.” The image attached to this post shows this message.

Is there a less manual way to track changes like these? I guess it would be considered a sort of “site health” feature or report that I’m looking for. Thank you :slight_smile:

Dear @delaney, we do not have such a feature natively added to Softr, but, indeed, it would help a lot to track down all the changes made within the data sources that can potentially affect the apps. I also would like to see whether there are any custom solutions. From our side, we are doing our best to constantly improve the error messages to make them as clear as it is possible.

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It would also be helpful to know which blocks have updates pending. This question just reminded me of that.

Totally agree with you! Noted and added it to our feature requests list. Meanwhile, you can follow our public roadmap to see the planned and upcoming updates:

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