Timesheet App for employees

Hi there, new to Softr. I am need (or would like to build) an app to help my employees record their hours while out on the job. They are always losing their sheet with the info on it. The hours don’t need to be finetuned, just date, hours and some other fields. Then, at the end of the payroll cycle, email the boss the hours worked ie…timeheet in spreadsheet format preferably. Only 20 employees and they sometimes work in remote areas like the bush. Not always wifi there, but not concerned as they go to the hotel each day. Is this something Softr could do. I have used airtable before, so I’m not concerned about hooking that up as a back end.

Hi @TbcGuy :wave:
Let me make sure we are on the same page please. Do you mean you would like the users to submit the number of hours the employees worked every day?
If yes, I would personally create a membership website (here is a help doc on how to create a Membership website in Softr) and would create a Form block, where users can submit the worked hours and other required information.

The data can be sent to the email of the boss, but it won’t look as a spreadsheet. If you prefer a Spreadsheet, I would suggest using Google Sheet or Airtable integration in Softr and send data to the datasource which the boss can have access to.

Let me know if you meant something else, I would be happy to help.

Thanks for the answer Viktoria. That is it in a nut shell. I just need to give the users a way to record daily hours (start / end times), the machine they worked on, where they worked, and some other fields. Then at the end of payperiod, instead of chasing everyone down for their timesheet, they could just send an email. Preferably in spreadsheet so that I can import it into excel to do the payroll. I will watch some of the videos.

But if you have any other suggestions please let me know.thank you.

@TbcGuy to be honest, I can’t think of any other solution.
Though, if I come up with a better idea, I will share it with you.

Just a quick, if you use Airtable or Google Sheets as a datasource I suppose it should be easier to add the data to Excel later, because it would be possible to export from Airtable and Google Sheets as CSV file and open with Excel.