Timeline Block: is it really coming soon?

Hi Softr Team,

On the pricing updates and still on the pricing tab on Softr the timeline block is showed as “soon”, however I see nothing related to this on the roadmap section.

Would it be too difficult right now to provide a real estimate of when this would be deployed?

Thank you

I already use this block that’s on the business plan (as indicated in the original posting)

Is it that the pricing page needs updating, or is it a different feature that is yet to be released?

Could you show a print screen of such block?

Note that it’s not the list with timeline block, but rather a timeline block as an alternative to the calendar block.

It is the list with timeline block I use, and it appears in a vertical, scrolling format.

Hey all,

Yes we are working on a new Timeline block :slight_smile: I will try to get some more information on the estimation and will let you know :slight_smile:


Any news Suzie? We keep having to embed an Airtable view into our Softr app to provide a timeline view

No answer? Please don’t forget that you announced the new prices on January, we paid for the yearly ticket and the prices presented were with “timeline soon”. @Suzie

@Suzie We can’t avoid feeling a little deceived. It’d be reassuring to at least get an answer. Did you guys let this feature fall? If so, why?

Hey @dvarela,

My sincere apologies for the delay in your recent question. I am checking this with the corresponding team now.

@dvarela Currently the team is working on revamping all existing blocks, the Timeline block will be available in Q3-Q4 if everything goes as planned :slight_smile: