Time zone goes crazy with editing a record as a user


I am living in Switzerland.
When I want to edit a record as a user I don’t see the time I inserted.
That is confusing.

Additionally, when I click save my time gets updated with two hours less.
When I want to edit the record again, I see another two hours less.

Please help.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Martin we will deploy fix for this on Monday

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Hi Artur,

I checked, if you fixed the issue.
Yes, in that case the beginning time at 19:00 is correct.

But I don’t understand how (date and) time of 20:58 got into Ende, Einlaß and Anmeldefrist, because airtable is empty …

Best regards,

@Martin can you please check again I think in this case it’s the current date being set there. We had one more issue and it should be fixed too

Hi @artur
Even after clearing the cache it is still the same …

@Martin can you pls DM me a magic link to check ?

@Martin it should be working fine now