Time slot booking


Is it possible to build a time slot functionality with Softr?

Example: A customer wants to fill in a form in the application where he wants to book a Uber driver 4/4/2023 at 1pm, now when the booking is submitted, the 1pm option should not be able to be chosen that day by someone else.

All help is appreciated!

Hi @edojay and welcome to the community!

For this kind of application you’ll need to integrate Softr with a separate tool whose focus is all about time and schedules and calendars. If I wanted to build something like this, I’d start with Google Calendar as the calendaring engine, and then integrate it with Softr using Zapier, which has a rich set of calendar-related functions. Make would be another good choice - I’d try that if I ran into obstacles with Zapier.

Hey @edojay

You can do this in 10 minutes with native airtable forms.

Follow this youtube tutorial: