📈 Time intervals on charts + New place to manage user groups

:wave: Hey Softr community!

I’ve got exciting updates to share with you!

Time intervals on charts

You can now group your records with date or timestamp fields – by day, month, quarter, or year.

New data insights are waiting for you!

User group-related settings have moved

You can now add, edit, or delete user groups directly in Users > User groups.

As for user redirection settings (page after sign-in/out), you can now find them under Pages > Page rules. Oh, and we’ve also added an option for you to configure what happens when users try to reach an Unauthorized page.

Happy building!

One small note - the grouping doesn’t seem to work on ‘Created time’ fields which I thought it would handle similarly to a date field but I was mistaken!

Thanks @flavi for spotting this one. Passed to our team :pray:

These Airtable fields are specific in how they operate, and we’ll need to tailor the solution exclusively for these fields. Stay tuned!

Urgent: Request for Restoration of Duplicating Feature @Jakub

We have encountered an urgent issue. It seems that with the recent update, the duplication feature has been removed or is no longer functioning as it used to. This feature is crucial for our workflow, and its absence is causing significant disruptions.

Could you please assist us in resolving this matter and consider restoring the feature to its previous state (as it was in the left panel) at your earliest convenience?

Thank you very much.

CleanShot 2023-09-30 at 21.48.24

Thanks @lea for rising this up - passing that to the team to bring it back.

While we’re at it – can you share more details about your critical workflow involving duplicating user groups? Also, is there any specific naming convention of the duplicated user groups that you follow?

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No specific naming convention for duplicate user groups @Jakub

Thanks @lea. We plan to add " (copy)" at the end of the duplicated user group name, so:

Original → My user group
Duplicate → My user group (copy)

Any ETA for the button ? thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @lea, we’re in a testing phase. Aiming for next week :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the copy button! Indeed I realized this disappeared. it would be important to not have unlimited back and forth while building in Softr.

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Thank you guys. Looking forward to having this option back.

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@lea (thanks again for being the first to spot this!), @matthieu_chateau, @acjnas – duplicating user groups is back!
Now available (as other options) under Users > User Groups tab.

Let me know if it works as expected for you.


@flavi Happy to report Created time and Last modified time can be now grouped, and take into account time Interval setting.

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