Thoughts on UTM codes and marketing attribution

Hi! I’m pretty new to Softr and excited to be digging into my first build. I have a question on how folks have leveraged building basic marketing attribution collection via Softr.

I have Softr connected to Airtable and have a basic lead form set up. I would love to be able to store a users UTM parameters in a cookie and pass along with form submit but can’t find a way to do it. Anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this (or a better way to get some basic user attribution in place)? Thanks in advance!

What if you add utms as hidden fields via URL params ? and then pass it along with your form ?

I have that set up currently but the params do not persist in the URL beyond the initial pageview. I’d like to leverage a cookie so that the params will be available on any page

For that you might need to write a custom code that takes the utm params from URL and adds into cookies.

I assume ChatGPT would be great at creating such code. Here is an example: ChatGPT

Amazing, that makes sense. How would Softr then grab those values on form submit and pass along into a hidden field?

I think you need to do both hidden fields and cookies…