The Softr Universe has arrived! πŸŽ‰

After months of planning, we’re thrilled to launch the Softr Universe today on ProductHunt :heart_eyes_cat: :tada:

The Softr Universe is a place for anyone to discover, share, and use templates created by the Softr community, helping you accelerate your development process and launch quickly.

It is also a perfect place for you as a creator to showcase your Softr skills, generate new leads for your businesses, and be recognized as a top no-coder!

We have worked closely with 10 Softr experts to create the first collection for this launch. These creators went all-in, helping us launch well-rounded apps that serve various use cases and needs. From event management to a CRM, and even a restaurant management app, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

As we grow, this will turn into a thriving marketplace, where the Softr community can find whatever app or plugin they need, when they need it. By the community and for the community.

Thank you all for your continued support. With each new launch, we grow closer to our goal of creating the biggest ecosystem of no-code.

You can read about the Softr Universe launch and more here.

Head over to Softr Universe and share your love and support!

Thank you! :pray:
Mariam and the Softr Team