Thanks · Page titles, SEO, Accessibility, H1

Just a post to thank the Softr team for adding the ability to change the title tag.
And I just noticed that they also added an alert block when several H1 are used, bravo team.

And as it is important for search engines and users, here is a little reminder of the proper use of titles:


Appreciate the positive feedback @yannick
Even more improvements are on the way thanks to you and other users who constantly add feature requests and have their contribution in improving the platform. :raised_hands:

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The option has disappeared :frowning:

I didn’t say a word.

Hey @yannick,

Which option has disappeared? You mean the option to show the heading tags?

Hey @Suzie

It’s okay, I hadn’t seen that it had become a checkbox option in the preferences :wink:

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Glad to hear you have found :slight_smile: