Text return not breaking to next line - User-accounts2 block

The text in the title field does break to the next line
but the text in the description does not

it does wrap but if the screen is large enough the text is on 1 line and extends beyond the image


Sorry for the belated response.

Can you please attach a screenshot so that we can reproduce on our end?

Thanks in advance.

with smaller window the text wraps as expected staying within the image boarder - looks great (next image is when the window is larger)

As the browser is made larger (or full screen) the text just keeps expanding until it is on 1 full line - and runs off the edges of the image.

it would be nice if the image & text would remain the same size - just like the form does

also it would be nice if the form and image remained closer to each other and centered.

fyi I did try changing the behaviour of image - no changes to the issue

I also have a return on the text but it still fills out as 1 line when the screen is expanded

I did notice you have an update for this block, please let me know if this issue does not repeat on the new block - if it works then I will switch over


Thanks, we will try to reproduce this on our end and will give an update :slight_smile: