Testing environment for debugging

Hi everyone!

I understand this topic came up some times in the past, but I wanted still to create a topic about it to stress its importance.

The preview tool, even though practical, doesn’t work for many testing use cases. Not only for custom code, but also for cases in which you need to test things that rely on the data from certain records.

It would be super helpful to be able to push changes to a testing subdomain before going to prod.



One way would be to disable autosave changes in softr studio and make a button to test the app without the need to publish it. Then after all looks fine we hit SAVE AND PUBLISH!

I am also aware this is easier to say than to put into practice but… you never know what surprise you will get from our requests to the team.

This is something I think about a lot too. The ability to release versions to a dev instance with a version number for beta testing and then being able to publish a dev version to prod would be super helpful.


I am also looking for a solution here, could a work around be to make a duplicate of your website and make adjustments there - and then copying it to the original?

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That’s how I’m handling things today, it’s just a bit manual in relation to other platforms.