Tally popup in Softr

Has anyone managed to integrate Tally in popup mode on a softr site? I see their documentation here and I’m not sure if this is possible in softr :confused:

When do you want the tally popup to appear? On click event?

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2 options in my case, either all the time or after a while on scrolling :slight_smile:

After a while on scrolling is a problem? You just need to copy paste the code they give in the header, in the page settings.
What do you mean by all the time? Like a permanent popup? :thinking:

For example, after 5 seconds or 300px scrolling, this popup appears
A permanent display of a popup in the corner of pages may not be a good idea in my case

Okay! So where is the issue exactly? For the popup to appear after seconds or scrolling? What makes you doubt? :thinking:

Ah! I may have understood! You want the scrolling option AND the elapsed time option. More complex but doable… “if” everywhere … will check