Table Colors Alternate Every Other Row

Has anyone found a good way to add shading to table rows and alternate a color for every other row? I’d love to get rid of the grid lines and just go with row shading.

Same, buddy… Same LOL. I’ve come up with so many different variations of lists vs tables trying to mess with the formatting because it’s so challenging to configure some of this data in a visually pleasant manner without having it consume egregiously large amounts of page real estate.

Just commenting to follow in case someone has a solution :slight_smile:

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Just following.

Very interested in finding a way of making a color difference between every other cell, or having the ability to lock the first column or fix the top cells name when scrolling down on records. :pray:


I know this isn’t the question asked, but if you’re interested, I posted this:

Result :



That’s a cool UX update, thanks for sharing!

I’m still patiently waiting for a more feature rich/up to date table block but I digress :upside_down_face:

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Very nice, thank you for sharing!

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