Table Block: Tag Field Labels Missing Styling Options

The table block is missing some styling options on field items of type “Tag”.

There is no option to change the label font color natively, so you end up with a bunch of column titles formatted one way and all the tag columns stick out like a sore thumb because they can’t be changed.

Can this be fixed?

Hi @nocodeking the tag field label has a setting to change the color on a Table block. Could you please check if there is an update available on the block? It might be outdated.

Hi @Maria,

I think it’s a bug. All of my existing tables are missing that setting; however, if I go and create a new table from scratch it is there.

No updates are available. It would be a lot of work to go back and recreate all tables in my app.

The update might not be available on UI but it still can have an old version which is the case I think and I am afraid you need to add new Table blocks. To confirm, please, provide a published page link where you have those Table blocks.

Hi @Maria, I’ve confirmed that this is still an issue with the new table blocks as well as previous versions, it does seem to be a bug.

To test the issue and reproduce:

  1. Add a new table block

  2. Assign the tag field to an Airtable field. In my case, I’m assigning it to a single select field.

  3. Check the label color, the option should be there to update the label color.

  4. Now update the tag colors in Softr to “as defined in data source”.

  5. Go back into the label style settings and you’ll see that the label color options are now gone.

The way I’ve been getting around this is to change the tag to “single color”, then go in and update the label color, then I go back and change the tag field back to “as defined in data source” and the label color stays (even though the settings disappear).

It would be great if someone could look into this further.