Table block not showing details

I am trying to display all interactions of a selected lead belonging to logged in sales rep.
I have used table block as well as list block as there are multiple interactions with the selected lead. But the list of interactions are not being shown.
All tables in Airtable are having a linked Sales rep email with which user is logging in.
I am attaching a diagram for more details on this issue. Except the crossed block every thing else is working as expected.

Please suggest how to resolve this


Hi @sri you need to use Linked list for that and make sure that on the Interactions block you use lookup field for the conditional filter not linked record(e.g. Email(lookup) is Email field(in Leads_Accounts_Table) If there is more than 1 interaction per lead account

Hi @Maria
I tried to follow the linked list example. The issue I am facing is, in the list block for ‘interactions’, when I try to select value for the conditional filter, I could see only current record or logged-in-user, but no other table being shown like I am expecting Leads_Accounts_Table (pic attached)

To your other point on using lookup field for email, I am using lookup filed not the linked record

I could NOT see the list block both in preview mode and in run mode, even with no conditional filter (which ideally should show all interactions). But I could see the list block with interactions in edit mode (though it shows all interactions)
Please suggest if I am missing some thing in any other place

If you click on current record in the filter and select the field > linked record to Leads_Accounts_Table it doesnt work?

The solution works best if the airtable is setup as following:

  • Sheet : Users (with columns at least : email (primary), name, linked field to Leads_Account_Table_)
  • Sheet : Leads_Account_Table_ (with at least the column : Linked field to Interactions)
  • Sheet : Interactions (item data)
    Make sure the linked fields are linked.

Then in SOFTR create (after user is logged in):

  • List or Table block showing Leads_Accounts_Table with conditional filter ; linked field to Leads_Account_Table_ is logged in User: Email. Under actions : When click on item, open details page (lets call it “List details page” for this example) .
  • make a “List details page” with the first block displaying additional info from the table Leads_Account_Table_ . Add in an extra block below (or above) showing the sheet : Connections. Apply conditional filter : Current record > connections contians Name (or other primary field you use in airtable in the connections table). under tab actions you can create even another details page for the connection.

Hope this helps?

Hi @Workflowheroes_Marc
I tried mapping PK column now (with a look up column in ’ Interactions’ to 'Leas_Accounts table’s PK column in the filter) instead of email (as mentioned earlier).
Issue still persists.

What I am not able to figure out is even if I remove the filter I am not seeing any records being displayed in the ‘Interactions’ related list block in preview or run mode. It only shows ‘Add record’ button which is at the top of the Interactions block but no data at all. But in edit mode I could see all records getting displayed in interactions block. This is puzzling.

Do you have by any chance global data restrictions or usergroups that you use?

Hi @Workflowheroes_Marc
Yes I do have user groups and for the current page under discussion I have provided access to the required user group (salesreps) under page setting visibility . The same visibility rules applied to all the blocks in the page (including the list block showing interactions).
I have not applied any conditional filters in the page but still the data is not displayed in preview/run mode.
Attached image shows the rule and the data in edit mode


So somewhere in the filtering of the data something is going wrong. One approach that I recently learned to adres this is to take a page without any restrictions (so whoever is on the page can see everything). And add the filters in 1 by 1. In your case the steps to check are

  • show page only to logged in users
  • show page only to SalesReps user group
  • Apply any global data restrictions in settings
  • Add a conditional filter to the block

If at any 1 of these steps the block “breaks” we can zoom in on where the problem lies. Usually its a logic issue that is overlooked. But without proper identification of the issue its kind of trying to find a needle in a haystack.

for fun i have added a technique i like to use to find out why things bug :slight_smile: Rubber Duck Debugging: History and Benefits.

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