Table-block download: Control which fields are printed

When trying to use the download feature of a table block it isn’t downloading all the fields for that table. How do I select which fields are printed or how do I tell the system to include all the fields in the table?

Hi @mateoacebedo those fields that are displayed on your Table block can be downloaded, however, there is a limit on the records, please, let me know how many do you have

Hi @Maria the initial issue doesn’t seem to be the number of rows but rather the number of columns. I’m only seeing two columns for records that have over 5 fields each.

Also, if there is a limit on rows, would it download based on the preselected filters or how can users select what records to download?

Hi @mateoacebedo it downloads based on preselected filters, meaning that each user can download only the data that is visible for them. At the moment, it is not possible for end users to choose what to download.
Can you please, provide a published page link where you have your Table block?