Sync Magic Link in airtable

The magic link is not uploading to my airtable base and im not sure why, I have all the settings correct. I have tested switching bases and it works fine and i have tested switching tables in the same base and it works. When i have it in the base and the table that i need it in, it will not sync. All the other fields sync. Is there something that i could possibly not be doing correctly? The biggest difference in the table that i want to use ad the ones i am testing it with is that the table that i want to use has a bunch of fields that are linked, could that be the issue somehow? Thanks for any help!

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Hi @MatchPlayInk thanks for taking the time to post here, and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this one might be best for support. You can contact them by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner. This way they can get a deeper look into your integration and see what’s going wrong.

i will do that, thank you!

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