Sync and Update user groups via the connected airtable data source

I have 2 tables for keeping users data:

  1. User groups - the log in information including their magic link
  2. User Profile - additional data user fill in their profile.

I’m trying to understand how to connect between a logged in user profile and another table that holds all the information the user update on his profile (other data related to his public profile)

are there unique identifier beyond email that can be used to connect the records ?

I created a lookup field in airtable that allow to connect between the 2, so when a user log into his profile , he can see all that personal info, but i’m not sure how to automatically connect the two (does this require Make or could be somehow done via the airtable automation

Is it possible to sync user groups into the Airtable database and managed the logic through thre or user groups logic must be managed through the softr dashboard ?

Hi @Lior

Is there a reason why you didn’t create a field on the user table for the user groups (multi-select)? That’s how this is normally handled to simplify things.

Let me know when you get a chance!