Supporting e-mail communication on marketplace

Hi everyone. I’m on day 3 of building my 2-sided marketplace and the only missing element is communication tool. I’m building a listing site where you can submit a listing (via airtable form) and others can buy it by contacting you directly. I’d like to find a way to do it via email. The problem is that I don’t want to share personal emails next to every listing. I’d like to find a way where by clicking a buy(contact seller) button you open up a form which sends a message to seller’s email (that he submitted together with the listing) without giving his email. All ideas will be greatly appreciated

Hey @ademiu,

I assume this workaround will work. Let me share the details.

You can have a hidden field in your form which will grab the record ID of the Seller page through a form and make an automation in Airtable. Once the form is submitted, Airtable automation will be triggered and the email will be sent to the user with the corresponding record ID.