Summary Cards without Summary Table?

Hello Softr,

The Summary Cards block is a great option for displaying summary data from the aspect point of view, however, it requires us to produce a summary table on our data base. Compare this to the “equivalent” option on Airtable where you can summarize based on filters from a table which is not a summary.

Would it be difficult to improve this block to have the same capabilites?


I am facing the same challenge as you at the moment. I am trying to display KPIs for the current loggged in user on a summary card.

Side note, is a cool project. All built on Softr?

Thank you,

We’re using Softr as member dashboard so guests can access check-in guides and check their bookings, but we’re still using a dedicated Property Management Software. Tasks like setting prices with different rates, and distributing through reservation platforms like Airbnb and is still to specific.

We also have our own coded apps to report guest attendance to the border police and to automate invoicing.

Did you guys get any resolution in your travels? I have been stuck on this one for a month now myself.

Hello, I have the same issue, and it would be so great if softr can update this…

I have multiple users and I want each to see his kpi in summary cards but I cannot because of this…