Submit Form > run 2 scenarios > Open Model

Okay so I have a use case where I want the experience to be a user submits a form, waits until a couple services complete and a modal on the page is opened.

Here’s the exact flow:

  1. User submits a form on softr which calls a webhook
  2. scenario triggers a couple of other scenarios to run. Each scenario is using other services which respond via webhook when completed
  3. Once the other scenarios complete the data is put into airtable
  4. After the data is put into airtable the modal on the softr site should open.

What I’m struggling with…

  1. How do I get Softr to understand when 2 scenarios have finished. I tried webhook responses but that can only be linked to 1 scenario
  2. How do I get Softr to launch a modal after the process finished?

Any help would be really appreciated!

Hi, I’m so interested also solution.
You mentioned that you have solution for 1 scenario. Ehat is idea?

Thank you.

Let’s see if @matthieu_chateau can help with this complicated use case :slight_smile: Perhaps you have run something like this, Matthieu :slight_smile: