Stuck on "copy generated data" for users in an app

I am new to Softr and have spent that last couple days on a self-guided crash course. Everything is falling into place nicely, but I have been dealing with a blocker for several hours that I am guessing has a very simple solution, but I just can’t find it.

After modifying my airtable base to be compatible with this app, I was able to specify the correct table for each block on all the pages and mapped all the fields. However, the user menu insists that I not only “copy generated data” for users, but that I use Google sheets. Softr returns an error every time it tries to access google sheets. I have rechecked permissions many times, tried multiple gmail accounts, and used multiple browsers. Nothing works, and I cannot find a way to bypass “copy generated data” on the user screen.

Adding to the peculiarity of all this, the app itself doesn’t appear to use google sheets if the “copy generated data” option is immediately selected the first time the app is launched. It stores user data in airtable.

I am really hoping there is an easy way to get the “copy generated data” prompt to disappear so I can proceed with setting up the users. I will be eternally grateful to whoever may help.

To avoid confusion, this is the page at issue.

Thank you

Hey @Tummler, did you start with a template by chance?

Yes, I chose one of the recommended templates that are presented as options when the Softr Studio page is first opened.

I contacted support after I wrote this message, and they are looking into it. There is something funky going on with it switching from airtable to google sheets to store the generated data depending on whether you begin that process first thing when the app is opened or at a later point (at least when that later point is through the “User” menu) with the former using airtable and the latter attempting to use Google Sheets.

None of that would have been much of an issue, but the template was insisting that I first populate user data using Google Sheets before I make changes to users. I simply could not get the Google Sheets integration to work. I confirmed with support that permissions were correct and tried a number of quick fixes, but nothing solved my problems.

I threw in the towel and forwarded all of my blocks to an app based on the same template, in which I populated all of the data.