Stripe & Softr free trial possible or not?

There are several unresolved versions of this question floating around here. The most recent I found was in 2023, so I figured it would make sense to start this again to see if anyone is successfully doing this.
The question (it’ll be a bit long because I want to be detailed and thorough as well as accurate) :
Can you configure a product in Stripe, with a pricing table (seems like the only place you can now add a free trial correctly in Stripe)?


  • you can add trial in payment links, but using payment links instead of product ID in Softr to checkout causes logged in user not to be passed to the Stripe checkout form (which is VERY bad as a different email breaks the entire user permissions process in Softr).
  • you can add trial in the simple Softr checkout box, but this has very limited options, like only 1 pricing tier (no annual / monthly)
  • Stripe for a while showed trial as a “legacy option” in products, but no longer even shows this

I can’t imagine that no one else has a need to provide subscriptions with a free trial in their Softr app. As a platform positioned to build SaaS apps in, this seems like a very basic requirement.

Hope someone can help…

I assume it would be possible to do it with Make or Zapier or API call ?