Stripe Payment issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a big problem with my website and the stripe integration.

Basically i’m unable to collect payments. I get success page on Softr but no payment is received, because 3D secure isn’t triggered.

Already asked Stripe and they say it’s an issue with the integration with Softr.

Anyone else is experiencing the same problem and can help me out?

Everything was working like a breeze in test mode but now i’m stuck.

Thanks a lot


Are you using the “Simple Checkout Form” block?
If so => get rid of it, this block had some problems in the past. I just don’t trust it.

What you need is to use any pricing block (static block) and on “action” you choose “Stripe checkout”. This way, everything about payment is handled through the Stripe environment.

Hello Matthieu,

This worked like a breeze. That’s amazing :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

Do you suggesto to also collect payments this way for standard products (and not only for subscriptions?)

Thanks once again

Yes, same for standard products :wink:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: