Stripe integration with Softr - the new Restricted API Key (RAK)

Hello Community.

For those of you who use, you have recently received a message from Make about updating your Stripe modules to use the new Stripe Restricted API Key (RAK).

I started to wonder whether any similar updates might be required in Softr’s Stripe integration to utilize the RAK.

Would be interesting to hear from the Softr team, as well as from the user community.



Hey folks, you don’t have to change to restricted keys for Softr… At one point we might change into those keys but for now there are no plans yet.


Thank you for the reply, @artur

This is a relief. Apparently Make gave their users 2 days notice to change their keys to RAK. Also noticed their Stripe docs need more clarification for integrations :expressionless:.

I’ve submitted a ticket to on this. Yes, their documentation on changing the key does not align well with Stripe’s.

The reason I’ve submitted a question on this forum is because made it sound very urgent and “a must do”. So, the immediate thought was - is Stripe pulling away from their old keys? And if so, do we need to take care of it in Softr, too?

I have yet to receive response from on this. For now, both the old Stripe key is still working in Make and the new Stripe RAK key I’ve set up is working, too.

I got a reply to my ticket with and the existing Stripe keys would be deprecated in favor of RAK. Not sure when…

Recently, Stripe announced that it is enforcing a new policy using API key auth. Starting in June 2024, we(Make) are introducing a new authentication method using Restricted API Keys (RAK) . The current API key authentication will be deprecated .

To avoid potential additional charges from Stripe, please update your existing connections and create new ones using the RAK . This will ensure your scenarios continue to run smoothly without any interruptions.