Stripe Customer purchase currency issue

When a user tries to make a purchase in Strip from Softr, Softr queries Stripe to see if there is an existing Stripe customer with an email matching the current logged in user. If it finds such a customer, Softr uses that customer account to make the purchase, otherwise Softr creates a new Stripe customer.

The problem I have is that I have customers in Stripe with matching a matching email, but not a matching currency. (In Stripe, a single customer account can only purchase in a single currency).

So, for example, a user wants to purchase my product which is in USD. Softr queries Stripe for customer and retrieves this customer. However, this customer’s account is in GBP. Softr attempts the purchase, the purchase fails because the currencies don’t match, and Softr displays a generic “Something went wrong” error message to the user. There is no way for the user or me to fix this situation.

My request in this case is that Softr should query stripe for a customer with matching email and matching currency. If Softr doesn’t find such a customer, then it should create one.

When setting up the “Simple Payment Form” block, we have to choose the Product and Price from the connected Stripe account. That Price has a property of currency so it seems that this should be possible.

I believe it is really important that Softr properly work with the Stripe API. Having problems with purchases and the resulting customer support is really a frustration for our customers.

As discussed in this related thread, I really wish Softr would query Stripe for matching email AND matching softr_application_id. That would also help this problem above.