Stripe checkout option in Hero CTA / Uniform actions for all buttons

Hi there, I noticed I can’t do a stripe checkout right from the Hero button (see image). In fact the only buttons that do have stripe checkout are the pricing ones. Even the CTA blocks don’t.

Can we have stripe checkout added to all buttons? Or maybe a more streamlined ask, can we have all buttons have the same options (Section, page, checkout, etc)?


Hey @ayman,

Yes currently the option is applied to Pricing blocks natively.

But why not to copy the URL of the Stripe Checkout page (product page) and add it to External URL field?

In any case, I will add this feature request :slight_smile:

Ok, I can try that workaround as well, but that would bring them offsite, which is not great for the user. For now my workaround is to point to a pricing block.

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