Stripe checkout for trial product without credit card requirement

I’d like to explore removing the credit card requirement from a free trial flow in my app.

I read the Stripe documentation here: Verwendung von Testphasen bei Abonnements | Stripe-Dokumentation

I’m using Softr for the Stripe Checkout step and I’m not sure if I have a way to set “payment_method_collection” to “if_required”.

I’m assuming this is a feature request to enable this option in Softr’s integration with Stripe. It could be a checkbox in Softr block configuration for “Require Credit Card for Trial”.

I asked Stripe support if their new pricing table code option has this and it’s not possible yet. Let me know if anyone has any workarounds. Thanks!

I haven’t personally tested it yet, but Stripe offers options for no cost payments. I presume it works with Softr.

Curious to know what your results are if you test it as I need to implement this as well.

I tested and it didn’t work for me for subscriptions, submitted a feature request here: Add Support for Stripe No-cost Orders (No Payment Method Required for Free Purchases)