Stripe billing adress and other configurations not applied


I have this issue with Stripe checkout I want to see if someone knows a way to solve it.

I do certain configurations in my Stripe account checkout page, like disable the collection of billing adress or 30 days free trial. This configuration is working perfectly if I use the Stripe checkout link.

But then when accessing the checkout from my Softr site, thorugh the API, this configurations are not applied. The billing adress is requested and the 30days free trial not applied.

Is there a way to change this behaviour?

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+1 for this and wanted to add that in my use case, I configured Stripe to ask for an additional custom field and allowed companies to enter their VAT details. Works perfectly on Stripe’s own payment link, but not in the Softr link.

I’m using the “Pricing in card view with details”, payment button through the price IDs. I don’t care for integrating user data later in Softr.

Would be happy if there was a way to just have the buttons user Stripe’s payment links