StartupEasy - a business services website in India

Hello all!

I built this website for my brother who offers a number of services like company registration, certifications, compliance, accounting, tax, audit, etc. in India


How I have set it up

  1. I have used Airtable to list the services but have used native Softr pages to link the individual service pages.

  2. Every page has a ‘contact us’ form that sends responses to an Airtable. I have used the Hidden Field to indicate which page the request is sent from.

  3. The Requests table in Airtable is synced with a Slack channel, where his team receives notifications about new form submissions.

  4. Set up Chat using Crisp.

  5. Configured Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

There is no blog section yet, but I am focussing on building pages that get organic traffic.

Appreciate any feedback and inputs.



Are you still working on this?

Hey Alex! No. I shut it down to focus on other things.
Let me know if you’re looking for something specific.